The 12th National Meeting of the Association of Researchers on Spiritism

Central theme “Mediumship: Research and history”

August 27-28, 2016
São Paulo – Brazil

Dear Colleague,
We are glad to invite you to submit a paper to the 12th NATIONAL MEETING OF THE ASSOCIATION OF RESEARCHERS ON SPIRITISM. The event will be hosted by the Sao Paulo’s Union of Spiritist Societies (USE – União das Sociedades Espíritas do Estado de São Paulo).

The goal of the meeting is to bring together Brazilian and international scholars working on current issues in Spiritism. Thereby we will learn about different worldwide spiritist research and create a setting where work in progress can be improved and discussed indepth. Especially the attendance and moderating function of members of the Association of Researchers on Spiritism offer an excellent possibility to receive meaningful feedback for submitted work. Therefore, we encourage submission of analytical, empirical and experimental research.

Paper Submission Deadline: May 31, 2016

Instruction for the authors

Instructions for paper submission
1. Papers should be intelligible to as wide an audience as possible.
2. Manuscripts will be peer reviewed by members of the meeting scientific committee.
3. All manuscripts should be submitted by the following e-mail:
4. Each manuscript should be submitted in two (2) separated files: FILE 1 containing author’s NAMES, manuscript TITLE and ABSTRACT; FILE 2 containing manuscript TITLE and FULL TEXT with no authorship identification.
5. Manuscripts should not have more than twelve (12) pages;
6. Abstract: minimum of 1150 characters (~10 lines) and maximum of 1750 characters (~15 lines).
Manuscript general formatting instructions
Text editor: MSWord 6.0 or later.
Page format: upper margin: 3cm; lower margin: 2cm; left: 3cm; right: 2 cm.
Fonts: Times New Roman 12;
Paper size: A4 (width: 21cm, height: 29.7cm);
Paragraph spacing: simple; 0pt before; 6pt after;
Figures, tables and plot fonts: Times New Roman 8 or 12;
Senders will receive by email a confirmation of manuscript submission. Editors of the 12th ARS National Meeting reserve the right to return manuscripts or posters that are not in accordance with the above instructions.

For more information, please access our website or and feel free to email us at

Translated to English thanks to Marco Milani.



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